Just to be clear!

While we strive to provide accessible and convenient veterinary care guidance, there are certain situations in which it may not be suitable.

If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, such as severe injuries, difficulty breathing, or loss of consciousness, it is imperative to seek immediate in-person veterinary attention.

Our service is not a substitute for critical, hands-on care in these urgent situations. Additionally, if your pet requires diagnostic tests, surgical procedures, or vaccinations that must be administered in a physical clinic, our service may not be the appropriate choice.

It’s crucial to remember that while our service can offer valuable guidance and advice, it should not replace the in-person veterinarian visit when necessary.

Always prioritize the health and well-being of your pets by making the best judgment for their specific needs.

Fair Usage Policy

While we do not have a strict limit on the number of times members can call, we encourage all smoll members to be mindful of fair usage. Our fair usage policy is designed to ensure that our services remain accessible to all members who need them. We ask that members be realistic about their usage and consider the needs of other members. If you find yourself frequently calling for non-urgent matters, please consider the impact on other members and limit your calls to when they are truly necessary and your cooperation helps us maintain a high level of service for everyone.

*Our service can not be used for emergencies and can not replace in-person vet visit.

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