⠀24/7 access to quality veterinary care
⠀Online pharmacy delivery to your doorstep
⠀Access to AED11,000 in Emergency Fund**

starting from AED39/month only

Limited time only / No credit card required

First and second opinions in one place

Unlimited 24/7 video-call vet consultations, access to an emergency fund**, free medication delivery, and much more!

Membership makes sense.

Anytime, anywhere

Unlimited 24/7 access to our licensed veterinarians

Emergency Fund**

Access to up to AED11,000 in emergency funds a year

Medication delivered right to your door

Quick delivery for all prescriptions

Personalized Care Plans

Recommendations on dietary and care for each pet

Human counseling

Experiencing the loss of a pet is a deeply painful and emotional journey, rest assured, we will be by your side

Peace of Mind

This one is priceless.

Smaller bills? yes please.

No price can be placed on animal’s life, but a quick access to vet care means catching things early might save you unnecessary bills

Paws-itively Reliable

With smoll membership, you would be able to put uncertainty to bed knowing that you have access to the best team of veterinarians and experts by your side, 24/7, and full access to an emergency fund** in case unforeseen occur.

* Our service can not be used for emergencies and can not replace in-person vet visit
**Emergency fund is scheduled to launch at a later date


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