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No phone calls, no emails,
just instant access.

What do you get for that?

Fast and unlimited access to our fully licensed veterinarians

Access to guidance and expertise, anytime, anywhere, with just a button

Full pharmacy medications prescribed by our veterinarians

Whenever needed, medication is delivered right to your door (currently delivering within Dubai & Sharjah only)

Unlimited followups during and after reporting cases

Ensuring continuous communication and updates for effective case resolution and ongoing support

Reminders for annual checkups, vaccine dates, and health tips

Maintaining your pet well-being by prompting timely healthcare actions and promoting a healthy lifestyle

Up to 5 pets with cats and dogs only

Got more than one pet? No problem

Stress-free is the new norm.

Things you can do over the app*

General Diagnostics

Anything related to the overall health and well-being of the animal

Dental and Mouth Health

Check up for bacteria, plaque, and tartar build-up on the teeth and beneath the gumline

Derma and Skin issues

Any superficial marks including staphylococcal bacterial infection, ringworm fungus, viral papillomas—warts, and pigmented plaques

Allergy Symptoms

Reaction to proteins found in an animal’s skin cells, saliva, or urine

Toxic Ingestion

Diagnosis for toxic ingestion from mild to severe nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, dizziness, confusion, seizures, and respiratory distress.

Nutritional Assessments

Illness related to obesity, emaciation, rickets, allergies, and fur or weight loss

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy can be beneficial for pets who exhibit problematic behaviors such as excessive barking, destructive chewing, aggression towards people or other animals, separation anxiety, fear, or phobias.

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* Our service can not be used for emergencies and can not replace in-person vet visit.

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