It takes a village.

Caring for someone with a disability is hard, and the case of Arya and July (in the picture) is no different.

Since 2017, the daily commitment and dedication to two paraplegic animals have been humbling, and while ordinary days are the norm, our 02:00 AM trip to the vet is not uncommon. The non-availability and the lack of reassurance were always part of those trips.

While Veterinary TeleMedicine is not something new, we have always envisioned a solution that serves a very under served part of the world where we currently live, a solution that makes veterinary care more convenient and stress-free, and this is why we are committed to building smoll.

Fahad Shehadat

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* Our service can not be used for emergencies and can not replace in-person vet visit.
**Emergency fund is scheduled to launch at a later date

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